31 January 2009

$$$$, €€€€

In fantasy land, the move to France was to be no big deal- I get my same US salary, we’d rent out the house here and rent an apartment in Paris- that’s got to be about equal, right?

In reality land:
No renter yet; the original idea was someone known, to be a “house sitter.” If we put it on the open market, that means we need to put our stuff in storage ($$$) and pay someone to manage the property ($$). Still not sure what we’re going to do.

It turns out that in Paris, furnished apartments have huge upfront fees (€€€€): 2x month deposit, 2x month agent fee, habitation tax, etc etc. So we figured unfurnished; a trip to Ikea (€) would probably be cheaper than all of those fees. Except we didn’t count on the fact that in France, an unfurnished apartment has no appliances (€€) or even cabinets (€€€). We’ll find out in a week what our options are.

We were hoping for an adventure- more than we bargained for? I’m guessing this is only the beginning…

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