01 May 2009

Biking in Paris

Well, it turns out you can't really do serious biking in Paris. The better alternative is to take the regional commuter train out as far as it goes, and then start from there. So that's what we did today to celebrate Socialist Labor Day.

I'm still trying to figure out my French cell phone, and thanks to my cycling gloves, I managed to hit the video setting by accident. So no pictures today, only strange short video clips. After an hour on the train, we ended up in some pretty spectacular countryside and did about 40 miles in wonderful rolling terrain. Lots of farmland punctuated by old villages, touting such features as 12th century churches and lots of stone buidings. We both found this one worthy of pictures:

Thanks to extensive planning by Rolf and an increasing sense of how things work here, we didn't get lost at all today. In the next to last town, we found an open bakery, so had goodies for the train ride back. Apple tart for me and coffee eclair for Rolf- prime recovery food...

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