11 July 2009

And on the theme of good convenience food...

A couple of weeks ago, I made some artichoke agnolotti and put them in the freezer for a time-crunched meal to be named later. That meal turned out to be today's lunch. We got up late and had a leisurely and delicious breakfast of a baguette and pastries from our favorite boulangerie before heading out for a longish ride in the Chevreuse Valley. Since we didn't get home until 3:30, and the last 50 km of le Tour were on TV, the agnolotti seemed the perfect easy and fast meal to tide us over until dinner.

So I made a sauce out of what I had on hand: sauteed some leeks with a little pancetta until they just started to brown, tossed in a big clove of minced garlic and let everything brown lightly before adding a handful of frozen peas. While the agnolotti cooked, added just a little bit of chicken stock (the elixir from the pot au feet the other day) and about a Tbsp of butter. Finally added the agnolotti, plated, and grated a little of the hard goat cheese over the top.

And voilá-- a very tasty light lunch with minimal effort.

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