24 June 2009

White Nights and long days

Stockholm at sunset. Photo from BBC website

In the last month I've been close to the equater, and close to the arctic circle. This time of year, the differences are striking.

We just got back from Stockholm, and we were there during the solstice. Sunset wasn't much later than Paris, but sunrise was at 3:30 am.

Length of day = 18.5 hours

Sunset in Paris is around 10 pm right now, which means it's usually still light when I go to bed (even if that's an hour later than when in Philadelphia). Sunrise, however, is about the same time as Philadelphia this time of year.

Length of day = 16.25 hours

Currently in Philadelphia (what has been internalized as "normal" time) sunrise is 5:30 am, sunset at 8:30 pm.

Length of day = 15 hours

Atlanta is south and west of Philadelphia, so sunset was just a little later, but sunrise an hour later.

Length of day = 14.5 hours

Miami is further south, so sunset is earlier, though sunrise is the same as Atlanta.

Length of day = 13.75 hours

Cartagena was the most interesting. Since it is so close to the equater, the length of the day does not really change. Sunrise is the same as Paris, and sunset is 6:30 pm. They are on Eastern Standard Time all year- no point in daylight savings time.

Length of day = 12.75 hours.

I really like the long days, but am a bit worried about what it will be like if we are still here in the late fall...

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