17 March 2009

A day at work

In the morning I leave the apartment. I work in La Defense, and take the RER train and Metro to get there.

I walk to the train station. (Note the Velib bikes in the foreground.)

The Metro is very crowded.

The train station in La Defense is very crowded. 30,000 people work in La Defense, and it seems they all take mass transit to get there.

The armies of workers going to their jobs.

The Grande Arche is the main attraction in La Defense.

Looking the other direction in the plaza, you can (sort of) see l'Arc de Triomphe de l'Etoile.

This is the building in which I work: Coeur Defense, Tour A.

At the end of the day, the armies march in the opposite direction, to the train station.

And soon I am home, with an excellent dinner to look forward to.


  1. Fancy door. Or should I say "porte?" Ouvrez la porte! Votre amie, Anne.

  2. Except that's the elevator porte, not our apartment porte. The elevator's a little small, but the door more than makes up for it.

    Rumor has it that congratulations are in order-- you won your contest? Are you coming to France??

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  4. I began reading from the very beginning of this blog (a little late, I realize), and I can already tell that Rolf is a serious foodie. I am drooling...