19 March 2009

Eat your iron

One of the things I like to look at while out wandering around in Paris is the iron work. With all of the Beaux Arts buildings around town, there's no shortage of ornate iron work on balconies and such. Occasionally, though, you come across something that goes a bit above and beyond, such as this work on the wall of a building at the end of a blind square in the 7th, next to the Société Théosophique de France. There was an exuberant hand-wrought gate and fence in front of it that I didn't get a good picture of.

On the other end of the spectrum, just a few doors down, was this very elegant and restrained design, one of my favorite doors so far.

With that still in my head, tonight I made cavatelli, rather than long pasta, for dinner. An simple spiral that works great for catching sauce, they're also a lot of fun and easy to make, unlike rolling the picci last night in the hyper-dry air.

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