06 March 2009

Jiggly as a ...

Gorgeous day here, today-- crystal clear blue sky, upper 40s, and dry. Really, it couldn't be a nicer early spring day.

And it just makes me cranky, because it emphasizes how much I feel like a beached manatee after what is effectively a month without any aerobic activity and 3 months since the last consistent activity. Add in a travel schedule that has made eating normally, let alone properly, a challenge, and I'm basically a big zip-loc bag of pudding.

I thought maybe all the walking I'm doing would help some, and I always take the stairs instead of the escalators in the metro stations, but the last shred of delusion was stripped away this morning when I took the stairs up to the apt after going to the market, and it felt like I was doing an entire race's worth of the Amphitheater of Pain in one go. I guess it could have been worse-- at least I didn't puke.

Anyway, I hope the trainer shows up next week. Now that's something to be cranky about. 


  1. Yeah, I didn't quite trust the locks on the caves for my bike, and our elevator was too small so I carried it up to our apartment. And we lived on the 7eme etage. That's when I switched from Looks to SPDs.

    BTW, the marche can be nice but eventually you're going to want to know about Picard Surgeles.

  2. We're up there, too, so unlike Italy, where the rides finish with a climb back up into the invariably hill-top town, the climb at the end of rides here will be on foot. Should be great practice for CX.

    We have a Picard in the neighborhood, but I've not yet been in. Is it different from/better than the frozen food in the States?

  3. Well, we ain't talking Swanson's TV dinners. Take a camera so folks back home will understand that when you say you're going to a frozen food store, you mean a frozen food store. Next time you get dinner guests, try the canette stuffed with figues et foie gras. Or, for a simple lunch, a green salad with pigeon pastillas. And cooking your own foie gras at home is a snap (though you wouldn't want to do that for fewer than maybe 8 people). Finish with some sorbet of cerises griottes.

    In "Italian Days" Barbara Grizzutti Harrison quotes some guy as saying that elevators so devalue the heroism of climbing that there remains little virtue in being close to the sky.

  4. A zip lock bag of pudding? I'm absolutely appropriating that one. Brilliant.