21 March 2009

Let's Ride!

There are a lot of bike lanes in Paris, which makes it great to get from one point to another in the city. Riding through the city is not a particularly good workout, however, since there are too many intersections and most of the city is flat.

And we're not talking the side of the road nominally called a bike lane in which busses drive, cars and delivery vans double park, etc; we're talking separated by a raised curb on the opposite side from parked cars bike lane.

In case you are confused when the curb goes away in the intersections, just follow the guys on bikes.
As Rolf had alredy described, we're close to Longchamps in the Bois de Boulogne. Much of the loop is either completely dedicated to bike traffic (as long as there isn't a horse race going on) or at least reasonably protected from car traffic. It is a great, if boring, place to do flat intervals- you can do loops forever without having to stop. When I've done training rides on early weekday mornings, there were a few other people out. But on weekends, it's a mob scene.

Fast groups, slow groups, nice bikes, beater bikes, young kids, ancient guys, the whole spectrum on 2 wheels is there.
When Rolf heals some more, we'll start exploring the further reaches. We've now got a whole stack of maps to work from.

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  1. Start . . . stop. You've got photojournaling talent.